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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Journal Entry 8. Lagos Traffic Law

Sunday 21st October

This journal was going to be about something else that I can't remember. Well my friend walked 40 minutes because some people who don't use Okadas think it's in the best interest of people who use Okadas to ban them.

But Fashola Is Working

I find this sentence very funny because in the 8 years of Fashola's 'work', flowers have been more important than street lights. And the Lagos state emergency agency told us last week that they're ready to combat any flood. You want to combat flood when a quarter of your biggest road(Ikorodu Road) is flooded?

So let's go back to this Okada Ban.

Okadas have been banned in 450 roads in Lagos State. I can't currently find how many roads are in Lagos State but that's a large number to ban an important mode of transport on.

Let's dream up a scenario

It's 10PM. Now the reason you're on that road at 10PM is because lagos traffic insane. LASTMA and the police have done a brilliant job of controlling traffic in the last few months. At least up to 6PM.

So it's 10PM and you're stuck on one out of the 450 okada-banned roads. And there are 2 ways out. Get a bus or walk. But there are no buses. And it's probably dark because flowers are more important than you, stupid.

Now you're walking. Let's assume there are 2 okadas that ply each of the banned routes. Multiply that by 450 and you have 900 more unemployed people in addition to the many unemployed in the state of Lagos.

What's to stop one of those 900 men from picking up a knife and attacking you right there? Nobody will see anything. Remember, the flowers are more important than visibility at night.


Morals? The S.A.N governor that has signed a bill that's eating the jobs of lagosians. Doesn't he have morals? The governor that has signed laws that have stricter punishments than corrupt officials. Does he not have morals?

Does a governor that brought down an entire Tejuosho market and then issues the sale of market stalls at 7 million per 10 metre square seem like he has morals?

Does a governor that thinks you have nothing else to do with your money than to 'beautify' your house or pay a 250K fine even care about the people who voted him?

Morals? Morals? If this is about doing what's right? Why do we still have touts and all sorts of people extorting danfo drivers on Lagos roads?

Is it about money or morals? If it was about morals and doing what is right, there'll be barricades at Ojota to prevent people from crossing instead of all those KAI men.

Hasn't every new lagos law in the last 8 years been about revenue for the government?

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