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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Journal 14. Private Jets

Sunday 18th November 2012
2.19PM. It just rained and now the sun is shining.

Okay I don't know why I felt like telling you that.

Here are a bunch of random thoughts on private jets, churches and funds.

There is nothing wrong with owning a private jet. There is nothing wrong with a pastor selling shitload of content every year and then using that money to buy himself luxury goods.

The problem is the context. We're in a society where 70 percent of all the population live on less than a dollar a day. We're in a society where certain things are used as a measure of success.

Children, a wife and money. Most especially money. Pastors shouldn't have to conform to that. It should be the job of pastors to change that mindset. To tell people that you don't need to have plenty money and fly private jets to feel successful in life or be happy.

There's a lot that can be done with private jet money. Bill Gates can afford a private jet. Bill Gates rents private jets from Warren Buffet's private jet company. Warren Buffet also rents jets from his own company.

One year Bill Gates was worth over 100 billion dollars. He gave over 50 billion to polio and cancer research. Polio is about to be wiped out thanks to Bill Gates and a lot of other people who have pledged funds from their businesses.

Bill Gates doesn't owe a child in Kano anything.

Pastors are supposed to be people we look up to and say "Hey! I think I like that man's lifestyle. I hope God gets me there."

In a society where the corruption level is high because the 'leaders' in government loot money and live lives of luxury and everyone obviously wants to be like those Government leaders. Who no wan enjoy good ting?

A large number of Private Universities in Nigeria are owned by churches. Those universities are the most expensive of universities in the entire country. Another large number of the well-built, well-structured secondary schools are also owned by these big churches.

Why are churches building institutions that only the elite can afford? Why can't all the offerings and tithes across these churches be used to subsidise these schools and make them more affordable. A lot of people can't afford to send their kids to government owned universities. Now you've built better universities and you're still limiting the type of people in those institutions. Did Jesus die for the rich only?

A few years ago the Redeemed Church had this "A can can make a difference programme". I'm not sure if it's still being run but it was brilliant. Every sunday, the church will cook food and then distribute food to slums across towns in Nigeria. Places where people are earning too little and they don't know where their next meal should come from.

That's what pastors should focus on. Not buying oil wells or driving phantoms.

Again, there's nothing wrong with driving Phantoms or flying jets. It's the context.

Bill Gates is a Man of God.

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