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Monday, December 16, 2013

Technology and the eating of jobs. No Steve

So there's this idea that technology is going to continue to grow at the pace it is and it's going to eat people's jobs up and create unemployment. 

If I can hail a driverless car that drives better than a person, why should I hail a car that a person is driving? And there are stats about how people are buying stuff from larger corporations online than their local retailer. 

If I wanted to type this 8 decades ago, I would need a typewriter  and a secretary. That entire industry has been replaced by smartphones and computers. 

So here's what I think. I strongly feel that because we're human and we're smart and our brains don't stop running out of ideas, when these jobs are eventually wiped out, as a collective race, we are intelligent enough to discover new careers and invent new fields. 

I mean people weren't driving cars and trucks a thousand years ago. That entire industry didn't even exist.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

The UP NEPA! Technology Podcast 1: Phonebloks

Tunji had this idea the other day that I should put my thoughts and opinions on Technology stuff into a podcast or a series of podcasts.

Here's the first one about Modular Phones and Phonebloks.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

What I Learned Growing Up[A Kinda Guest Post By Ahmed Adeyanju]

Stumbled upon this while I was on a short troll around the Twitterverse.  @AhmedAdeyanju has given me permission to post excerpts from his Medium post: What I learned while growing up 10 things that have helped me gain balance.  

Medium is easily the best place to find the most interesting and thought provoking articles on the internet so you should check out and tell your friends to tell your friends to sign up and read it.

Friday, October 11, 2013

GH Conversations 3: I Knock For Fun

I needed to get something from TT at around 11PM. So I left my room and walked to his.

Me: *Knock Knock Knock* It's Binjo

TT: Do you want to come in?

Me: No, I just like knocking on people's doors for fun

SMH. Mr. Mensah. SMH

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

GH Conversations 2: We're Free On Wednesday But Tuesday Is My Resting Day

It turns out that the T.A for Sociology set a day and time for an extra class because we're behind schedule.

I bumped into Michael around 5:30PM and we had this convo.

Michael: Binjo wassup?

Me: I'm Good.

Michael: Did you go for the Sociology tutorial?

Me: Wait. What? When? 

Michael: It was at 12.30.

Me: I didn't know. I was sleeping at that time. Did you go?

Michael: Naa meen. I'm busy on Tuesdays.

Me: Oh. Did you go for another class or something?

Michael: Tuesday is my resting day meen. I have to rest. 

Michael and I have the exact timetable and we have no class on Wednesday. Our only Tuesday class finishes at 9.30AM.

I will never understand my classmates.

Image source: Someecards

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

An Untitled Comedy by Olutunu Oyelola

Tunu wrote a funny play and she's given me permission to reproduce part of it. It's a short play about... no, read it. 

You can read and download the full play here. Checkout her Blog, The Wedding Addict, The Love Cynic & The Hopeless Romantic She also recently got published on ThoughtCatalog. 

I hereby dedicate this play to all the yellow Igbo girls that like me. Or not. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

GH Conversations 1: Is there a short form of the short form of your name?

I've had or heard the most ridiculous conversations in my short time in Accra. I want to share them in a place where they can be read a the time. GH Conversations will be random and will come as the conversations come.

Programming 2 TA: Hey you what's your name?

Me: Binjo

Programming 2 TA: Is there like a short form of your name?

Me: Would you prefer Olabinjo?

*These posts would likely come via email. I'll edit and format the text later*

Friday, July 19, 2013

Super Story: Clive And Two Mad Men

Here's a short and hilarious Story from Clive, about an encounter with a person with a mental disability and a maybe normal person.

Still wondering how Clive watched everything in sanity sha.

Saturday, June 29, 2013


If you watch or read Game of Thrones, you definitely know Hodor. Hodor is Bran's giant and quite dumb protector. I found this small Infographic on Facebook that explains in detail the answers you can get from Hodor.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Journal Number iDontRemeberWhereIStopped: This Competition Thing They Make Us Do In School

My roomate's called him about two days ago. His dad told him something about taking something from whoever was leading the class.
I dunno how this happened but it took me back to primary 1.

After primary 1, my primary school had the prize giving day. It just so happened that the person that was awarded the first position wasn't the first person to submit in any of the exams.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Journal 16: Do We Decide Who We Become Or Do Our Parents Mess Us Up?

So I've spent about 2 months in Uni and I'm beginning to draw some conclusions. There are people who always take other people's stuff without permission. No, you can't take my only slippers and USB cord out for the weekend without asking me first. Kweh.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Journal 15: Selling Pure Wateh In Foreign Kawntry

I might decide to write this post entirely in a Ghanian accent beces, Nana won't let us hear word on this thing.


In my second week here, it suddenly occured to me that we'll usually go to the grocery store downstairs to buy water. Plus, the sales guy doesn't interact with us foreigners. He's not deaf and dumb.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Ultimate Guide To Beating Lagos Traffic In 2013 And Beyond Forever

Here's how to get ahead of all the lazy fatasses in the city of Lagos.

1. Get out of your house before 7.30AM
2. Leave work before 4PM.

What else did you expect? 

Internet Newspaper. Eh.

Because Twitter is a black hole. I was trolling my feeds as I usually do everyday and I saw this headline. So I clicked it out of curiosity.