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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Journal 16: Do We Decide Who We Become Or Do Our Parents Mess Us Up?

So I've spent about 2 months in Uni and I'm beginning to draw some conclusions. There are people who always take other people's stuff without permission. No, you can't take my only slippers and USB cord out for the weekend without asking me first. Kweh.

By the end of the first month, people touching my property became a trend. I realised it was happening on a large scale. At first I thought my roommates were being plain annoying, then I realised guys from other rooms will come to my room and be opening up my butter and be spreading it inside their bread. I don't even know you man. No, you can't ask in Twi.

There are the kids who are obviously just tasting freedom for the very first time in their entire life. They're excited about going out at 4pm. Or that we're outside till 8pm. Ajustdongetit.

Then there are the people who study a lot because somebody has put it in their head that they're sweating in Lagos on their behalf. I don't know how Baba did this but everytime I'm working on an assignment or studying for a test and I'm about to sleep. I ask myself if the man paying my school fees is sleeping. Then I laugh at myself and my father's bald head.

On the other hand, there are kids I know, whose parents definitely instilled super-discipline into them and the merits of hardwork and stuff but they've just refused to budge. Or they've refused to remember. Or some stupid reason.

Like, why would you sleep from 8PM and still not wake early for your 7AM class. Then the lecturer talks about stuff that no one in the entire class writes down. It shows up on the test and you don't know it. Odo.

Okay so basically, I'm saying as much as our parents drill us and bring us up in 'the way of the Lord' or Darth Vader, we owe it to ourselves to decide to go in that way or not. Like, there's no one here to make me work on my project but it's something I have to do. Apart from the fact that I like facing such challenges, the Baba that has called me 5 times this weekend, deserves a nize fuxt clazz zatific8 yanaah.

So emm, Mummy and Daddy, if you guys ever decide to be Internet addicts and you find this, you people did a great job bringing me up. You deserve a Nobel Laureate in parenting. E kare laye.

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