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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

GH Conversations 2: We're Free On Wednesday But Tuesday Is My Resting Day

It turns out that the T.A for Sociology set a day and time for an extra class because we're behind schedule.

I bumped into Michael around 5:30PM and we had this convo.

Michael: Binjo wassup?

Me: I'm Good.

Michael: Did you go for the Sociology tutorial?

Me: Wait. What? When? 

Michael: It was at 12.30.

Me: I didn't know. I was sleeping at that time. Did you go?

Michael: Naa meen. I'm busy on Tuesdays.

Me: Oh. Did you go for another class or something?

Michael: Tuesday is my resting day meen. I have to rest. 

Michael and I have the exact timetable and we have no class on Wednesday. Our only Tuesday class finishes at 9.30AM.

I will never understand my classmates.

Image source: Someecards