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Sunday, October 27, 2013

What I Learned Growing Up[A Kinda Guest Post By Ahmed Adeyanju]

Stumbled upon this while I was on a short troll around the Twitterverse.  @AhmedAdeyanju has given me permission to post excerpts from his Medium post: What I learned while growing up 10 things that have helped me gain balance.  

Medium is easily the best place to find the most interesting and thought provoking articles on the internet so you should check out and tell your friends to tell your friends to sign up and read it.

I turned 25 last week. In the past three years, i have had to walk home from work because i didn't have any money, flown a few times in a private plane (not mine), slept in five star hotels (not on my bill) and had to come home to what i romantically call my “man-cave” — a single room in Ebute-Metta. Earlier this month, my team took a day aside to get to know each other better and I learnt a few things from that experience. About myself and about getting better. Then i made this list:

a. You have to earn it 
“It” here refers to anything you want. Respect, a career, fame, fulfillment, love, money, vacations, a dog. This does not mean that you should stay in a crappy job or relationship but it does mean that you need to realise that you have to work hard to get anything.

b. Think about what your peers are doing but set your own pace How else are you going to get better if you only “run your race”? The people running with you are not just the ones you grew up with, went to school with or work with, they are all the smarter, more good-looking, more experienced people that are the same age with you or even younger.

c. Don’t have sex
Kidding! If you choose to have sex with someone, make sure it is someone you do not have to burn bridges to get away from.

d. Start saving for retirement
It is the farthest thing from your mind right now, I get it, but financial security is not stumbled on. It is actively sought out and carefully cultivated

e. Be fiercely proud 
Just don’t show it to other people. You will need your pride to overcome your self-doubts, the people who will put you down with their words, the people who will tell you to slow down, those who say you’re “trying too hard”. Keep your pride or ego in. Let it be the fire that drives you. Be humble to everyone you meet, be kind to those that need your help. Believe in yourself.

i. Pick your friends

If this sounds cliched, it is because it is so true. The people around you affect you. they influence how happy you are, how driven you are, how ambitious you are, your interests, your eating habits, the network you build. They influence what your brand is.

j. It is okay to not have a car
Thing is, if a girl won’t date you because you don’t have a car, she’s not really dating you when you do have one.

Again, You can finish the post on Medium and follow @AhmedAdeyanju on Twitter

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