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Monday, December 16, 2013

Technology and the eating of jobs. No Steve

So there's this idea that technology is going to continue to grow at the pace it is and it's going to eat people's jobs up and create unemployment. 

If I can hail a driverless car that drives better than a person, why should I hail a car that a person is driving? And there are stats about how people are buying stuff from larger corporations online than their local retailer. 

If I wanted to type this 8 decades ago, I would need a typewriter  and a secretary. That entire industry has been replaced by smartphones and computers. 

So here's what I think. I strongly feel that because we're human and we're smart and our brains don't stop running out of ideas, when these jobs are eventually wiped out, as a collective race, we are intelligent enough to discover new careers and invent new fields. 

I mean people weren't driving cars and trucks a thousand years ago. That entire industry didn't even exist.