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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Does the Nigerian electorate even think?

I suddenly feel like the Nigerian electorate is unable to identify and vote for a good enough candidate. Not perfect but good enough.

A candidate/party(for some reason we think a person can rise through the ranks of a clearly corrupt party and not be corrupt because the Don of a mob rose became the Don by not committing a crime) decides not to do anything about the primary and secondary schools children go to. The schools have no windows with leaking roofs and no science or computer labs but we give this same candidate another four years in office because they planted flowers. They planted flowers across the city while your kid isn't learning anything in school and has to write WAEC five times and you vote the same government into office. With the same candidate and the same house of assembly.

I'm not sure if this is a result of the education system in itself but it's like the population is unable, again and again to select the right leader to fix the windows and roofs of schools.

Here's something that happens often. A candidate is pushed from XYZ East senatorial ward by his godfather into ABC South West senatorial ward. Let's say he's running for a house of assembly seat. Obviously the electorate in ABC South West do not know Mr. XYZ East so they grumble and grumble about the godfather's push because it seems like the godfather just does whatever he wants and we don't like getting pushed around(ha).

Anyways the election comes in April of election year and Mr. XYZ East wins by a landslide. There's no rigging or election violence. Over 90% of voters in ABC South West decided that the best person to represent their interests is a total stranger.

We also enjoy advocating and voting for people who seem to have poor backgrounds(hey I had no shoes. I'm your guy) and lack concrete plans(JK is OK. Oh no A+ is a higher grade than OK)

This doesn't make any sense.

We cannot continue to run a country like absolute idiots.

If the candidates in/from your area lack plans to fix the small problems in your locality, you should tell them when they come to dig commission the borehole that you would not be moved. You want a list of goals and reasonable plans to achieve such goals.

Or maybe we're just a country of intellectually lazy lazy people. Who don't want to think. Not because we can't but because the few minutes it takes to select a candidate in charge of our entire lives for 4 years will kill us.

Budgit is a great place to get information on the Federal Government's spending in the last few years. Why does every government renovate the state house?

Btw if you have links to any of the presidential manifestos or Lagos State manifestos you should drop them here in the comments. Thanks.

These are the kinds of thoughts you get when you watch The Newsroom.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Nigerian Internet Content Gap

I was in class yesterday morning and I realised there aren't places/platforms/pages you would go to if you were interested in reading about Nigerian related content. I won't state the type/categories of content for obvious reasons.

But I find that there is such a huge content gap. There is so much value we can create for people to consume that it doesn't make sense for there to be so many gossip and music blogs who churn out the same and exact content.

With regards to revenue, everyone I've met who's a gossip/music blogger keeps telling me about how fast they're able to rack up pageviews and I'm just like meh meh. Eventually your readers realise they've been getting the same content on Linda Ikeji and Notjusok and will go back.

Shoutout to TheNakedConvos once again. That's such a great website with awesome content. I discovered Kamdora over the weekend.

Do not blog about music/somebody else's life today.

Okay back to studying for Networking 1.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Why is there such great content on Medium?

I started reading Medium about a week after it launched I think. If you don't know what Medium is -  it's best described as a blogging and discovery platform. Medium was launched a couple of years back by Blogger and Twitter Co-Founder Evan Williams. Visit

In the first few weeks that I regularly visited Medium, I realised I was spending a ton of my time on the site(this also happens when I visit TheNakedConvos. I would spend hours reading content or clip to Evernote and read on the weekend. Eventually I dedicated Sundays after church to Medium.

Which brings us to the question: Why does medium have such great content?

At Medium's launch only a few handpicked people could post content. It was super exclusive. You couldn't even invite your friends to post content.

Now most of the content on Medium was professionally written. It was like a mix of feature articles from the Economics, The New York times and the BBC. All in one awesome website.

As time progressed I would like to think Medium became the default place to read and post awesome stuff. The precedence of great content meant that great content continued to flow even when Medium became open for public contribution.

It's such a civil site that I've never seen anyone act rude in an annotation. Medium is like some sort of foreign embassy. You know how you'll have to comport yourself and be polite when you're applying for that visa? That's exactly how people are on Medium.

This same thing happens on Question and Answer site Quora.

If there's anyone out there who's trying to create an online community, it's safe to say people are naturally going to act based on what they see on your website. I wonder if there's research to back this up.

Monday, November 3, 2014


Earth. Dust. Like water on unprotected metal after two days. The color of the axe and the tree and the ground were all the same. It hadn't rained in three months. At least there was wood.

He would stack the brown wood up in three layers. Each piece criss crossing the other in bundles of two. And light them up under a black pot. He remembered when the pot was new. And silver. Bright and shiny. He could even see his face in it.

I'm trying to work on my descriptive writing. So there'll be short pieces here from time to time. Your comments would be of help.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

2 Things I Did This Year That Completely Changed My Attitude Towards Money

Clickbait. I gatchu now! No, okay, seriously. Here are 2 decisions I made this year that increased my responsibility tintinlin

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Problem With "All Round Education"

"All round education" is what a lot of educationists that run schools promise across the world. There are simple reasons why this in itself is a major flaw.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Unfair Internet Speeds. I'm going to cry

I've been trying to get my Airtel Ghana modem to give me proper internet on my laptop all day. Then someone tweeted this.

What have I done to not deserve such internet speeds 😭😭😭😭