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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

2 Things I Did This Year That Completely Changed My Attitude Towards Money

Clickbait. I gatchu now! No, okay, seriously. Here are 2 decisions I made this year that increased my responsibility tintinlin

1. I stopped collecting allowances.

This obviously means I was cash strapped at the beginning. What do you do when you have a laptop ati internet and you don't have rich niggas wanting you? You start a small business. I found that small business owners(and a bunch of large ones) do not have the time to manage Social Media pages for their businesses. They also don't understand such media and cannot accurately target their preferred customer on the Internet.

Small small money every month.

2. Hired 2 People

I was talking to my ogas during my internship last yea and they were like "Dude, You would have to hire people to run this thing if you eventually run it". Which I did. I have to pay these 2 people every month.

What does this mean?

It means I literally have no chance for stupid spending of money. Wait for 70% off sale and buy everything. No overpriced meals. No random and stupid KFC burger cravings. No showing off to women by buying expensive things. No space for such Chale. Before I buy something, I ask myself what true value it can add to my life. I can honestly live without a $40 charger that goes from 0 to full phone charge in 15 minutes.

There's this great article by Paul Graham on spending unnecessary money on 'stuff'. 

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