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Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Nigerian Internet Content Gap

I was in class yesterday morning and I realised there aren't places/platforms/pages you would go to if you were interested in reading about Nigerian related content. I won't state the type/categories of content for obvious reasons.

But I find that there is such a huge content gap. There is so much value we can create for people to consume that it doesn't make sense for there to be so many gossip and music blogs who churn out the same and exact content.

With regards to revenue, everyone I've met who's a gossip/music blogger keeps telling me about how fast they're able to rack up pageviews and I'm just like meh meh. Eventually your readers realise they've been getting the same content on Linda Ikeji and Notjusok and will go back.

Shoutout to TheNakedConvos once again. That's such a great website with awesome content. I discovered Kamdora over the weekend.

Do not blog about music/somebody else's life today.

Okay back to studying for Networking 1.