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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Does the Nigerian electorate even think?

I suddenly feel like the Nigerian electorate is unable to identify and vote for a good enough candidate. Not perfect but good enough.

A candidate/party(for some reason we think a person can rise through the ranks of a clearly corrupt party and not be corrupt because the Don of a mob rose became the Don by not committing a crime) decides not to do anything about the primary and secondary schools children go to. The schools have no windows with leaking roofs and no science or computer labs but we give this same candidate another four years in office because they planted flowers. They planted flowers across the city while your kid isn't learning anything in school and has to write WAEC five times and you vote the same government into office. With the same candidate and the same house of assembly.

I'm not sure if this is a result of the education system in itself but it's like the population is unable, again and again to select the right leader to fix the windows and roofs of schools.

Here's something that happens often. A candidate is pushed from XYZ East senatorial ward by his godfather into ABC South West senatorial ward. Let's say he's running for a house of assembly seat. Obviously the electorate in ABC South West do not know Mr. XYZ East so they grumble and grumble about the godfather's push because it seems like the godfather just does whatever he wants and we don't like getting pushed around(ha).

Anyways the election comes in April of election year and Mr. XYZ East wins by a landslide. There's no rigging or election violence. Over 90% of voters in ABC South West decided that the best person to represent their interests is a total stranger.

We also enjoy advocating and voting for people who seem to have poor backgrounds(hey I had no shoes. I'm your guy) and lack concrete plans(JK is OK. Oh no A+ is a higher grade than OK)

This doesn't make any sense.

We cannot continue to run a country like absolute idiots.

If the candidates in/from your area lack plans to fix the small problems in your locality, you should tell them when they come to dig commission the borehole that you would not be moved. You want a list of goals and reasonable plans to achieve such goals.

Or maybe we're just a country of intellectually lazy lazy people. Who don't want to think. Not because we can't but because the few minutes it takes to select a candidate in charge of our entire lives for 4 years will kill us.

Budgit is a great place to get information on the Federal Government's spending in the last few years. Why does every government renovate the state house?

Btw if you have links to any of the presidential manifestos or Lagos State manifestos you should drop them here in the comments. Thanks.

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