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Saturday, January 10, 2015

On Reading And Its Importance

"Readers are leaders"

This quote seems like one of the fake deep things on the Internet. You know those things you read that when you really think about them don't mean anything at all. But this is indeed a true statement. As a person can only be on top of their game if they read.

University requires that I talk to a lot of people about all sorts of things and it has become so easy to figure out people who do not read. No, we're not talking about the books in your school curriculum.

Reading is the most amazing act ever. It can open your mind to great ideas and can send you to places you never even imagined. Like Westeros or Narnia

Thursday, January 8, 2015

No Excuses

You are not too young
Or too old
Or too fat
Or too thing
Or too ugly
Or too stupid
Or too smart
Or too rich
Or too poor
Or too sick
Or too healthy
Or too religious
Or too nonreligious
Or too curious

It's not too early
Or too late
Or too sunny
Or too cold
Or too rainy
Or too windy

I've found that as young people we constantly make up excuses not to do the things that could change our lives. And these excuses are mostly lame, not-well-thought-out excuses.

Start today. Not tomorrow