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Saturday, January 10, 2015

On Reading And Its Importance

"Readers are leaders"

This quote seems like one of the fake deep things on the Internet. You know those things you read that when you really think about them don't mean anything at all. But this is indeed a true statement. As a person can only be on top of their game if they read.

University requires that I talk to a lot of people about all sorts of things and it has become so easy to figure out people who do not read. No, we're not talking about the books in your school curriculum.

Reading is the most amazing act ever. It can open your mind to great ideas and can send you to places you never even imagined. Like Westeros or Narnia

How does one cultivate a reading culture?

I read because I've always read. My mother bought us books every holiday. My cousins sent books down when they had finished them. My friends in church read books and would lend them to me when they were done. My parents had more books than could fit in their shelf in Surulere. My dad had a cambridge dictionary and a small encyclopedia.

Sunnyfields Primary School made us read a book every two weeks and write a short report on the book. We would then informally discuss the books we read with our classmates. I remember this book(I found it so odd in Primary 4) where the characters were cutlery and house pieces. There were kings and queens and an army all out of plates, cups, pans and grandfather clocks.

It was also at Sunnyfields that I read about the South Pole reach of Robert Scott and the Australian discovery of Captain James Cook. Amazing feats!

By the time I got to Primary 5, I wanted to read more. My dad had to bring bundles of newspapers home from work because I wanted to read more. It felt like I couldn't be satisfied.

My sister on the other hand, finished from a different primary school and didn't have access to books as I did. A couple of years ago we noticed my sister started reading a lot. She would collect more books from her friends than she could read. She discovered Wattpad on her own and apps that let you download free Ebooks. The only books my sister did not read were the books she did not want to read. I recently saw her on the floor devouring old editions of The Economist.

Anyways, as a result of the above, everyone I know, henceforth, will get books on their birthdays. Not food or money or gadgets(LOL maybe a power bank sha). I will buy you a book and send it to you so thou mayst read.